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be active

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Walking Holidays

Walking Holidays

Time enough to enjoy it all... on foot you will experience the natural beauty of a country at your own pace. Become a part of the daily routine in a rural village, try your best in a conversation with local people.

Cycling holidays.

Cycling holidays

An S-cape bike tour is perhaps the best way to discover the European countryside. The cyclist moves at the perfect pace to enjoy the immensity of nature without missing out on the cultural highlights of the Old World.

Food & wine tours

Food & wine tours

Another, and certainly most satisfying, way to learn about a culture is by tasting the local cuisine. At S-cape we know all about slow food and the gastronomic highlights of each region. Come over and savour culture on our unique food & wine tours. 

Selfdrive holidays

Self-drive holidays

Surprise yourself with those little treasures that are hidden from many and known only to a few. Drive & discover is all about the art of enjoying life!

Family holidays

Family holidays

You and your children will discover the beauty of new places through walks in the country, easy cycling routes, visits to historical monuments and encounters with local residents.